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Quick Tip: Prepped Veg = Less Labour

Recruitment and resources in the Hotel industry continue to be a problem - especially in the Kitchen!

We have worked with a number of hotels this month that have not adjusted their buying habits to accommodate their current staff challenges!

Buying prepped vegetables - or indeed any prepared item for the kitchen is often a little more expensive. However, using them correctly can save you hours of labour! Support your kitchen team and review your buying lists...

  • What can you buy in pre-prepared?

  • Will a change compromise the quality of my food? Hopefully not!

  • Are there other labour saving devices that I can get for the kitchen?


While you are here, please take time to have a look around and see where the team might help you over the coming months.

Why not try a free introductory session (Free Treatment) on any area of support. Sign up and drop a note to and we will be happy to help.


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