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Quick Tip: Bin Your Bins!

Sometimes we can overlook some very simple opportunities!

Our Operational Efficiency Expert - Tom Mc Dermott says why you should bin your bins - well some of them anyway...

Before you re-open consider removing processes that add no value but consume the valuable time of your staff.

Top of my list is “bins outside elevators”.

These bins can be found outside elevators on every floor of most hotels.

Every day someone needs to check them, empty them, replace the little plastic bag inside them, clean up the rubbish around them that missed the bin etc…

When you consider why these bins are there in the first place, they seem to originate from the time that people used to smoke cigarettes indoors. They were originally ashtrays, then someone had the bright idea to use the lower portion of the ashtray as a bin. Now that we don’t smoke indoors anymore, the ashtray is no longer required, in some cases the ashtray is covered over with a lid but the bin is still there!

Why? What would happen if the bin was removed?

Would your customers start emptying their pockets and throw the litter on the floor outside the elevators instead? More than likely, there are more suitable disposal areas already provided elsewhere. If in doubt, check the trash!

Go on - remove them. Bin your bins. More than likely, nothing will happen!

Except... you can use the time saved for more value adding customer service activities and save money while helping the environment by removing all those little plastic bags from your waste.


If you need support - perhaps an extra pair of eyes - to review your 2021 summer offer, our HCC Operational Efficiency Expert, Tom Mc Dermott is on hand to support.

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