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Quick Tip: Don't Forget Your Service

It's a key challenge facing Hoteliers as the industry reopens. How do you deliver the necessary covid secure environment without losing the luxurious and service element which is synonymous with a successful hotel stay. In many industries Covid has become an easy excuse for poor service.

Last summer I stayed in several UK hotels and whilst all were following Covid compliance guidelines, the service in each was vastly different.

One asked us to sit in the car for 2 hours as we couldn’t check in until 4.30pm... due to Covid.

Another wasn’t servicing bedrooms... due to Covid. An award winning pub served our supper on paper plates with plastic cutlery as the waitress explained the KP was still furloughed... of course... due to Covid.

What a disappointment we felt on each of those occasions.

In contrast, we did stay in other hotels who, with some thought, planning and training had created a safe and welcoming environment where the guest wouldn’t have realised just how much the world had changed.

As you prepare to reopen - take time to think about what you can do to maintain your service offering and remind the customer just how fantastic a hotel stay can be!


If you need support - perhaps an extra pair of eyes - to review your 2021 summer offer, our HCC Expert - Marketing, Gill Smith is on hand to support.

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