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Hotel Cost Clinic - What's the fuss??

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Published by SaveMoneyCutCarbon, this article explains the support that the Clinic can provide for Hotels across the UK...

Star Treatments to cut costs for Independent Hoteliers

SaveMoneyCutCarbon talks to founder Austen Bushrod about the idea behind Hotel Cost Clinic and the multiple ways they guarantee cost savings for independent hoteliers

What is Hotel Cost Clinic?

We are a group of experts in hotel services, everything from food and beverage, non-food, revenue techniques, marketing techniques and the rest. It’s about independent hotels being able to get access to experts for bite-size chunks of focused advice via video conference calls.

And it’s obviously very current because of the COVID-19 and Brexit pressures. Independent hoteliers are having to review their costs. At the moment, the industry is truthfully like a rabbit in the headlights – nobody knows what’s coming with regard to different Covid rules, which change from week to week. But what they can all be assured of is that they all need to keep their costs tight and manage their bottom line.

So I would say that 80 to 90 per cent of all the Treatments we serve at the clinic are based around cost-savings and 10-20 per cent on guidance, advice and management support.