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Food Cost Management: Tips & Tricks Webinar

The Hotel industry is faced with challenges from all sides. With food prices escalating, we gather our specialists together to share some simple and practical advice to limit the impact on your F&B business.

Time & Location

10 May, 10:00 – 11:00 BST - Zoom

About the Event

Starter question: With rising food costs, what can be done to limit the impact to my hotel business? Grab yourself a coffee, pull up a chair and join us! When the HCC team get together, there is always plenty to talk about. Our sessions allow you to join in the conversation. Listen in while the team discuss the challenges of associated with rising food costs and the limitations on supply. The team are on hand to share tips and tricks that will make a huge impact on your bottom line. Times are tough, but we can support you to get through it! The format is easy...

  • Quick 60 minute midweek session

  • The HCC Team discusses the starter question and other relevant current topics

  • Attendees can throw questions and ideas via the chat function throughout the session

WARNING: The HCC Team can, and likely will, go off topic. They also will say it how they see it. In other words, although no-one is wanting to upset or offend - someone might be. The session is about views, thoughts and ideas. Sharing them can be highly beneficial and may also trigger ideas in you that you never knew existed!

Register for the session HERE

Get yourself a COFFEE, pull up a chair and don't forget Your notepad!


While you are here, please take time to have a look around and see where the team might help you over the coming months.

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