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Quick Tip: Give Back-of-House a Lick of Paint

It's all about perception. When the industry is struggling so hard to recruit and retain their teams, sometimes its easy to overlook the obvious.

Hotels are often so proud to show off their customer facing side - and create the image of comfort and style. We still see too many hotels though where the decor back-of-house leaves a lot to be desired.

It's understandable that the last refurbishment centred on the customer - but maybe just a lick of paint will tell your current team - and the team-members of the future - that you care just as much about them also.

A small investment in a few pots of paint for a staff area may go far. The team may even support you to do the painting!


While you are here, please take time to have a look around and see where the team might help you over the coming months.

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