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Hospitality does cause a rise in Covid cases

Is Hospitality really being unfairly treated?

Are we really the safest ship in the current storm?

With two-thirds of the country in Tier 3, Austen Bushrod presents an alternative angle highlighting that the success of Hospitality is contributing to its current challenges.

OK… I’ve said it.

I think that a lot of the growth of coronavirus cases is down to Hospitality.

It would be very easy to jump on the bandwagon right now. Hospitality is in pain. There is little comfort for an industry who came out for round one at the beginning of the year and has been down on the canvas in every round since then.

However, despite the impact that I and many colleagues are feeling, I can't silence that voice in my head that says we need this shutdown.

I’ve read hundreds of commentaries over the last few months bemoaning the fact that Hospitality environments are the ‘safe’ spaces we all need. However, I want the industry to stop for a minute and think about our reaction to what we often refer to as ‘unfair treatment’.

I know all the ‘statistics’ about less than 2% of covid cases being linked to Hospitality settings. I don’t buy it. I think like many stats that get