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HCC Deal - Card Payment Systems by Payment 365

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

The days of customers visiting a till to pay a bill are long gone and contactless mobile payment solutions are commonplace throughout the Hotel industry.

In our search for better value from the HotelCostClinic, we have partnered up with Payment 365 who are making waves in the industry with open and transparent pricing - as well as fantastic kit.

They currently deliver an average a massive credit card transaction saving of 38.7% across all of their customers!

HCC Preferential Card Transaction Rates

Debit Card 0.32%

Visa/Mastercard Credit Card 0.69%

Amex 1.90%

We have used our experience find another solution that can not only help you deliver a better experience for your customers, but save you money too!

HCC Market Guidance

Many hotels have installed card payment equipment quickly - especially during the pandemic. Unfortunately, a lot of operators have been left with substandard equipment (terminals slow and no signal?) and over-inflated charges.

Payment 365 have a wide range of terminal choices to suit your business - all at competitive rental rates.

Where they really excel is with their card transaction fees. We recommend that you compare your fees with the HCC offer below and see if you can save!

This fully-managed service includes:

  • Low Card transaction fees

  • Same-day settlement means the money hits your bank without delay

  • No minimum monthly service charges

  • Wide Range of Terminals to suit your hotel including countertop, portable WIFI and mobile solutions

  • Low Monthly Terminal Rentals - no need for capex

  • Online Real-time Transaction Tool lets you view your income live

  • Interfaces with all major UK POS systems

  • Simple and straightforward set-up means you get the benefits fast!

Service Standards

You can expect the following service standards from this offer:

● Dedicated Support Team

● Full Ongoing management and support for your systems

● Cloud-based monitoring of your systems and revenues


● Exclusive offer for UK-based Hotels

● Current offers valid until 31st December 2023

Deal Code:

Quote HCC320 to get this exclusive HCC deal.

Contact Details:

Name: Reegan Hardy



Call: 01926 298017

Don't forget to use the HCC deal code to get your deal applied.

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