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HCC Deal - F&B Distribution (Bidfood)

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

Attracting hotel guests to your F&B offering has to start with a great supplier. Independent hotels rarely have large F&B teams, and so its important to have a supplier that can be leaned upon to support the hotel operation with much more than just the supply of food.

Of course, the regular and accurate supply of deliveries is important, but the right partner will help you develop your offer, keep up with the latest trends, and maximise your profitability.

As one of the UK’s leading foodservice distributors supplying hospitality across the UK, Bidfood have a strong track record of supporting independent hotels. They view their customers as partners and focus their teams on meeting your needs as a hotelier.

HCC Market Guidance

Bidfood are one of the largest and most secure F&B distributors in the UK and can support businesses of any size. The pricing for this deal is based upon a collective group of 200+ hotels and should therefore offer our members a real chance to make savings across their food basket.