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Essential Checklist Tips

Do you know how to use a checklist effectively?

Using them correctly in your hotel can make you function more efficiently as well as deliver a better guest experience.

Our Operational Excellence Specialist, Tom Mc Dermott - AKA The LEAN Hotelier - knows a thing or two about making hotel operations more efficient. Over to you Tom...

In our last video we discussed the use of checklists on the Front Desk and how the items contained on those lists may not be adding any value to the customer or to the business so they should be Removed, Reduced or Re-allocated and the time saved re-invested in more value-adding activities benefiting the customer.

Today we continue the checklist theme, and we look at the origins of checklists and I share some tips for creating effective checklists I have learned from “The Checklist Manifesto” by Atul Gawande.


If you need some support - perhaps an extra pair of eyes to help you to make your operations run more smoothly and efficiently - our HCC Operational Excellence Specialist, Tom Mc Dermott is on hand to support.

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